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What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a database of all transactions in a peer-to-peer network. The concept of blockchain started to become more and more popular with the release of bitcoin in 2009. Since bitcoin is the first decentralized cryptocurrency, it is more popular than other coins and tokens. But with the announcement of ethereum in 2013, there were good developments in the blockchain technologies, and blockchain is now programmable. These programmable structures are called smart contracts. Smart contracts are computer programs that automatically execute transactions with predefined conditions.

Once deploy occurs in smart contracts, there is no way to return the code, and the functions of the smart contract are open to everyone involved in the network. This makes smart contracts vulnerable to a possible vulnerability discovery. As we have seen in past attacks, there have been situations such as stealing all tokens in the contract in a short time and disrupting the system’s cycle and rendering them unusable.

Smart contract developers need to have code security knowledge but in medium—large scale projects, the developer’s knowledge of code security remains insufficient. That’s why the Gais Cyber Security blockchain security team, with reliable and competent staff, ensures code and architecture security on smart contracts and Blockchain.

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What is Smart Contract Audit Service?

Smart contract auditing takes place based on the mindset of a potential hacker and the experience of an ordinary user, effectively exploiting coding errors.

The content of the Smart Contract Audit service we offer as GAIS Cyber Security is as follows;

Discovery of bugs and vulnerabilities in smart contracts.
Smart contract performance and optimization control.
Detection of whether the smart contract is working according to the purpose of the project.
Analyzing the complexity of the code with comprehensive and manual review of the code line by line.
Reporting of findings and presenting solutions.