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What is Acunetix?

Web applications may not be subjected to a detailed test procedure in terms of security. With Acunetix, you may prepare that test environment and protect web application against attacks. A tiny coding error in web applications causes application to be damaged, allows unauthorized access to database info and even to web server.

Gais Security
It enables high detail analysis and advanced reports by scanning vulnerabilities in dynamically created web applications. By this means, it allows you find and close the vulnerabilities in database connection or service, before security problem occurs.
Acunetix not only inspects the web applications, but also inspects the server on which web application resides against all attack methods. All inspection process finishes in a very short time compared to manual tests.
With Acunetix, you may reveal vulnerabilities that exist in all coding and that may create security threats.
01. Security vulnerabilities
Highest detection grade for more than 6500 vulnerabilities in commercial and open source applications.
AcuSensor (IAST) allows you to find and test undiscovered hidden accesses during black box scan (DAST).
Advanced Scan and Authentication support provides ability of scanning JavaScript web sites and SPAs.
02. your security problems
In order to know hot to spend your time, prioritize and classify detected problems.
Create management and compliance report to find out what will be addressed.
03. All the dangers
In order to facilitate error handling processes integrate with error trackers such as Jira.
Automatize new compile scan - inegrate with CI tools like Jenkins.
Vulnerability Management

Introduces a strong and unique solution to analyze readymade and custom web applications including Acunetix, JavaScript, AJAX and Web 2.0. Acunetix have an advanced scanner that can find almost all files. This is important because you can’t inspect a thing which you couldn’t find.

Fastest Scan Engine

Acunetix engine is coded with C ++. This enables it run much faster than scanners coded with high level languages. Scans use minimum number of requests. That reduces network and server load and speeds up the test. Acunetix focuses on performance.

Smart Scan Technology

In many web sites and web applications, there are many pages / interfaces based on same or similar templates. Same templates usually mean potential vulnerabilities. Acunetix first scans unique pages and interfaces in order to achieve 80% vulnerabilities in first 20% of the scan.

Deep Scan Technology

Modern web applications are written with complex Html5 and javScript. Chromium engine based DeepScan technology enables Acunetix scan such pages more effectively than other scanners. DeepScan may automatically discover most popular JavaScript frames. DeepScan works with Acunetix Login Sequence Recorder in order to scan even the password protected fields.

Malware Detection

Acunetix uses secure scan databases from Google and Yandex for identifying malicious links. Acunetix uses Windows Defender for scanning all scripts downloaded in Windows against malwares. In Linux, Acunetix uses ClamAv to scan all downloaded.

Network Vulnerability Scan

As a part of web site inspection, online version of Acunetix carries out network security inspection of the server hosting web site. A network security scan identifies all services running on the scanned server by running a port scan on the system. Acunetix will report the operating system and software hosting the detected services. This process also identifies the Trojans hiding in the server.

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