Central Pentest
With VULPMP, you can determine your security vulnerabilities and solve via detailed analysis.
Manage all of your pentest results with one point and access detailed data assessment via flexible management panel. Assign different toles and tasks within your team with VULPMP’s smart simulation software. Provides Slack and Jira usage facility and entegration.
Central Management

Results of all safety tests made by the company personnel or outsourcing teams are recorded centrally. You can centrally track who found which vulnerability, when, in which inventory, and what its status is.


Results of pentests conducted throughout the company are reported with a single click according to domain name, IP, criticality level, security vulnerability type and the experts who conducted the penetration test and are instantly monitored on the dashboard.

Performance Tracking

You can track which inventory and how much effort the penetration testers spent. By this means, you can have the opportunity to report the efforts of the experts in the penetration testing process.

Assigning Tasks

You can assign the detected security vulnerabilities to the relevant persons by the admin and perform process tracking. Assignment could be made to people with different roles and responsibilities.


You can report the category, criticality level and CVSS score value of detected vulnerabilities.


You can position it as On Prem or Cloud.

Access Security

You can provide secure access with VPN, OTP or LDAP integration during login.

User Activity Records

All transactions made on the application are recorded and reported.

Warning Notifications

In cases of a new vulnerability detection by the Penetration Test experts, changes in status, etc., you can receive a notification via mail.

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