Internship Programme

GAIS Academy Internship Advert


Allowing undergraduates or graduates learn the job on site in Cyber Security field, ensuring their adaptability to the sector through tasks and duties given to them. Job opportunity will be provided not through an exam at the end of probation period but through the scoring to be made in accordance with following criteria during the 3 month term .

  • Communication and self-expression skill
  • Research and development skill
  • Timely completion of given tasks
  • Problem solving skill
  • Professional skill, ability and aptitude


  • To be studying at any department in universities
  • To be able to read articles at least in 1 foreign language
  • Knowing at least 1 programming language
  • Being curious, research minded and self-motivated, i.e. not being dependent on external motivation
  • Speaking good level of Turkish and loving mathematics
  • Suitable for flexible work hours


Our friends who are added to probation programme will be trained and their competence will be assessed in following matters:

  • Red Team and Pentest
  • Cyber Security
  • Malware Analysis
  • Frontend, Backend Software Development
  • Embedded System Programming and Analysis
  • Intervention, Monitoring and Event Analysis 


Applications will be made through our web site There will be preliminary interviews with the candidates chosen among applicants. 3 months programme will begin with the chosen candidates and job opportunity will be given to winning candidates.