Information Security Policy

Information Security Policy

Top Management aims and commits undertaking following fundamental principles required for protection, ensuring perpetuity and sustainability of information assets in terms of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility through establishing Information Security Management System as one of the requirements for continuity and development of sustainable competition power while realizing the vision of bringing in to our country and to the world new and alternative cyber security solutions, becoming a firm well-known in global area in cyber security by using local resources effectively, in Cyber Security Products and Services.

  • Ensuring all necessary involvement and support related with enabling compliance with Information Security Management System standard conditions and requirements.
  • Ensuring work in compliance with Turkish Republic Laws regulations, circulars, customer contracts and requirements designated with legislation entailed by the work,
  • Securing confidentiality of personal, corporate or Third Party information (produced and/or used) under any circumstances
  • Ensuring ınformation is accessible only to authorized persons In accordance with “need-to-know” principle,
  • Preventing intentional or unintentional unauthorized usechange, disclosure of and damage to all information assets,
  • Providing support and contribution to the efforts to be made for assessment and reducing to acceptable levels after detection of risks on information assets,
  • Providing support required for planning to be made related with regular awareness programs which will promote information security awareness and contribute to operation of the system for the employees and vendor employees if related,
  • Providing support required for efforts to be made towards detection, reporting, closure and preventing recurrence of all real or suspected violations pertaining to information security incidents,
  • Providing support and contribution to achieve perpetual accessibility to information in anticipated levels by ensuring business continuity,
  • Providing resources which will be determined for implementation, sustaining and continuous improvement of Information Management System,

ISO 27001 Information Management System will be integrated into business processes of our firm and efforts will be made to take information security into consideration at every stage.

General Manager