Your company’s digital assets that you don’t know their exposure to the internet pose a risk in the digital world. It is a tiring and difficult process to continuously track your digital assets and their vulnerabilities.

SwordEye Attack Surface Monitoring constantly monitors your online assets and their vulnerabilities, then determines your risk score with zero setup.

Attack Surface Mapping
Attack Surface Mapping

Detection and monitoring of over 200+ ports, web and other service

External Threat Intelligence
External Threat Intelligence

1M+ Certificate added daily
Detection potential phishing domains
Tracking malicious Javascripts and CVE&CPE

Advenced Risk Score
Advenced Risk Score

7 Main categories
More than 40 risk metrics
Digital risk score letter grades


About of SwordEye

Product Highlights

  • Automatic Asset Discovery
  • Detection of your domains name opened about related you (When using the
    same DNS NS or mail)
  • Matching emerging/critical security vulnerabilities with your digital assets
  • Tracking over 400+ End-of-Life Softwares
  • Monitoring expiring soon or expired SSL Certificates
  • Tracking OWASP secure headers and monitoring your misconfigured web applications
  • Discovering predictable subdomains (like ftp.example.com, vpn.example.com,
    git.example.com etc…)
  • Checking status of your active domain (Expiring Whois, Tech Mail problems)
  • Latest status of your default ports and opened services


  • Monitoring your own digital assets with your Cyber Security team
  • For cyber security service providers, in 24/7 SOC monitoring units
  • Within services such as Penetration Testing, Red-Team, you provide to your customers
  • In companies/institutions with large digital assets and threats
  • Risk tracking with unique risk score algorithm and instant alarm features
  • In order to learn about the cyber security risk of any company / institution and to examine
    its details
  • For Cyber Security compliance and certification processes


  • See your missing cybersecurity categories with cybersecurity risk score
  • Remendetation blogs over 60+ pages and technical support
  • Time saving with 24/7 monitoring
  • Being aware of unknown digital assets and threats (opening ports and services, critical
    DNS information, etc…)