Nowadays cyber threats and attacks are becoming more complicated. Detection of such threats, ensuring security of the organization with timely and effective precautions, taking pro-active precautions became as important as reactive precautions. In order to take these precautions, the concept of Security Operations Center (SOC) has emerged in our country at the same time with global authorities and Security Operations Center (SOC) processes have started to be conducted to ensure and support security operations of institutions.

In this context, trying to carry out the process within the institution creates a high load of initial investment cost for the institution. Along with this, purchasing and managing qualified personnel for the Security Operations Center (SOC) will not be a cost-effective and reliable solution for the institution.

GAIS Security SOC team elaborates on the subjects above . Each step is an important part to complete the next step. It competently uses and correlates the technologies used during operations with its own competent personnel, and determines the most accurate tools within the scope of the requirements of the institution it serves. Manages the process with its team in an optimum manner and remains in continuous communication with the institution..

Gais Security
Gais Security

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