Make informed mobile app security decisions with realtime threat intelligence

After an Android or iOS app is released, security teams and developers often lack visibility into the most common attack vectors and vulnerable parts of their code…until it’s too late. Without this visibility, hackers can have free reign to set up attacks that could expose sensitive customer data, steal code and other intellectual property, cause financial or reputational damage, and more.

ThreatCast, a new mobile app security console for real-time threat monitoring, solves this visibility challenge. With ThreatCast, organizations can detect and analyze threat events happening across iOS and Android apps protected by iXGuard and DexGuard. ThreatCast gives teams continuous insight into their apps’ security once they’re published and downloaded—areas which have historically been black boxes for organizations.

Get actionable insights

Analyze threat data to respond immediately to attacks or block suspicious users

Detect threats in real time

Use easy-to-navigate dashboards and custom alerts to detect threat events as they happen.

Integrate security into the development lifecycle

Prioritize mobile security within the development process, without sacrificing speed-to-market.


ThreatCast Özellikleri

Analyze environment, application and code threats with ThreatCast
Environment threats
These general security threats don’t directly target mobile applications, but are often the basis for targeted attacks. For example, your DexGuard or iXGuard protected application detects that it is being run in a potentially harmful environment—such as a rooted or jailbroken device.
Code threats
These occur when someone attempts to statically or dynamically alter the internal logic of apps and modify their intended behavior. Code threats are the most explicit indicators that malicious users are targeting specific mobile apps.
Application threats
These are related to the integrity of the application, and indicate that there was an attempt to tamper with the application and possibly modify its behavior. If this happens, DexGuard and iXGuard RASP functionality is automatically triggered to respond to the detected threat.

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Leverage your ThreatCast data to strengthen app security
Defend against primary attack vectors
DexGuard and iXGuard help you implement security best practices, while ThreatCast allows you to fine-tune your exact security protocols based on real threats.
Optimize response to runtime analysis and live attacks
Decide - based on objective data - whether an application should terminate, limit the available functionality, or display a notification when a particular subcategory of threats is detected.
Adjust release frequency to strengthen code protection
DexGuard and iXGuard’s applied code protection is different in every build, so attackers must start from zero with each new release. ThreatCast shows you the average time it takes to compromise a new app version, so you can adjust release frequency
Guardsquare is the global leader in mobile application protection. More than 650 customers worldwide across all major industries rely on Guardsquare to secure their mobile applications against reverse engineering and hacking. Built on the open source ProGuard technology, Guardsquare software integrates transparently in the development process and adds multiple layers of protection to Android (DexGuard) and iOS (iXGuard) applications hardening them against both on-device and off-device attacks. With the addition of ThreatCast, its mobile application security console, Guardsquare offers the most complete mobile application security solution on the market today.

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