State-of-the-art protection for Android apps

Hackers can use freely available tools to decompile and inspect your Android applications and SDKs to gain insight into their internal logic. This leaves apps vulnerable to various forms of abuse, including intellectual property theft, cloning, credential harvesting, API key extraction and code tampering.

DexGuard has been designed to protect native (Java, Kotlin) and cross-platform (Unity, Cordova, Ionic, React Native, etc.) apps and SDKs for Android against reverse engineering and tampering. DexGuard applies multiple obfuscation and encryption techniques to the code of applications and SDKs and integrates runtime self-protection mechanisms (RASP). The applied layers of protection make it virtually impossible to gain access to their internal logic and to modify their intended behavior

Seamless integration

  • DexGuard enables you to fully protect your application internally. It doesn’t require you to share your source code.
  • DexGuard integrates transparently into the build process and requires no changes to your source code. It comes with plugins for all common build tools and development environments (Gradle, Android Studio, Ant, Eclipse, Maven and custom builds).
  • DexGuard performs various optimizations to improve the performance and reduce the size of your application or SDK.
  • DexGuard is backward compatible with ProGuard. This enables you to upgrade easily
  • DexGuard offers extensive customization options, including customizable encryption algorithms, enabling you to adapt the applied layers of protection to your security and performance needs.

DexGuard protects your applications and SDKs against static analysis using multiple code hardening techniques

Name obfuscation

DexGuard obfuscates the names of classes, fields, methods and native libraries, as well as the names of resources, resource files, asset files and resource XML attributes.

Control flow obfuscation

DexGuard obfuscates the control flow of the code inside the methods to hinder automated and manual code analysis

Arithmetic obfuscation

DexGuard protects proprietary formulas by transforming simple arithmetic and logical expressions into difficult-to-analyze code.

Data encryption

DexGuard encrypts sensitive strings to prevent hacking attempts through trivial searches. It also encrypts classes, asset files, resource files and native libraries.

Code virtualization

Code virtualization transforms method implementations into instructions for randomly generated virtual machines.

Call hiding

DexGuard adds reflection to access-sensitive APIs, such as the standard Android APIs for signature validation or cryptographic perations.

Native code obfuscation

DexGuard hardens native libraries against reverse engineering and tampering, including the interface between native libraries and application code.

Removal of Android logging code

DexGuard removes logging, debugging and testing code to thwart any attempt at exploiting this information.

DexGuard shields your applications and SDKs against dynamic analysis and live attacks using various runtime self-protection mechanisms (RASP)

SSL pinning

DexGuard makes sure the protected application or SDK is connecting to the intended servers, preventing man-in-the-middle attacks.

Certificate checks

DexGuard gives your application the ability to ensure it has been signed with the original certificate.

Root detection

DexGuard enables your application or SDK to control whether it is running on a rooted device or a device using a root cloaking framework.

Tamper detection

DexGuard enables your application or SDK to detect illegitimate code modifications and to verify the integrity of individual files.

Debugger and emulator checks

DexGuard enables your application or SDK to verify the integrity of its environment by detecting the use of debugging tools and emulators.

Hook detection

DexGuard enables your application or SDK to detect and prevent attempts by hooking frameworks to modify its behavior.

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