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What is Screen Recorder?

It records every action on your computers in video format. Allows you to monitor these transactions in real time or retrospectively.

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Gais Security
Infraskope Screen Recorder
Critical Servers and Workstations Are Continuously Inspected

It is extremely important in terms of security and business continuity to follow up the transactions made in systems with critical data. With the Infraskope Screen Recorder, it becomes possible to monitor what system administrators (local / RDP) and remote support (RDP) company personnel do in the relevant systems.

User Based Recording

With Infraskope Screen Recorder, you can track the sessions of certain users. By this means, you can record remote support firm employees no matter which system they are connected to.

Keyword Tracking

Infraskope Screen Recorder can automatically generate alerts when certain keywords come up within sessions. With this feature, you can automatically track words such as,, bomb, “competitor firm”.

Corporate Memory Skills

Infraskope Screen Recorder can also be used to record what kind of actions were taken during the response to incidents. This way, you can create some kind of video training library.

It allows you to centrally record the processes that take place on critical servers or workstations. It helps you control the transactions of remote support companies or 'outsourced' personnel employed in the company/organization.
Infraskope Screen Recorder is developed in C ++. This way, processor and memory consumption are extremely low. It’s done around CPU usage during a normal session.
Infraskope Database
Activity Monitoring_
What is DAM?

Detects events occurred in your database systems, classifies them, creates alarm and reports

Database Activity Monitoring_ Gais Security
Gais Security
Infraskope DAM
Tracking of Database Access

Access to database servers containing critical data is usually done with a single database user name. In this case, it is not possible to understand who did what.

Database Administrator (DBA) Control

It helps control all the actions that can be done by the DBA regarding user creation, deletion or modification of existing authorizations.


In addition to actively controlling your systems, it is essential to report all events that occur. In case of breach of duty, it enables you to present the relevant evidence to the relevant authorities as a report.

Data Content Change

With Dataskope, you will know when changes are made to the database, but tracking what has changed is also extremely important. For instance, it should be possible to track and report changes (SELECT, UPDATE, DELETE, EXEC, etc.) made to the tables in a database.

The main function of the Infraskope Database Audit product is to make sure that access and changes to critical database systems are as expected, planned and desired. You can do all these operations without turning on the database control feature. Detects events occurred in your database systems, classifies them, creates alarm and reports...
It is a database control product allowing the authorities to be informed about the events with pre-defined alarm rules by providing you easy access the information of who has accessed sensitive data and what operations it performs at what intervals. With Infraskope Database Audit, you can perform the following audits and report.
Infraskope Endpoint
Monitoring and Auditing_
What is SIEM?

Infrascope includes all the functions of a SIEM product and can be used to increase the effectiveness of the SIEM product in your organization.

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Gais Security
Infraskope SIEM
Easy Compliance with Security Audits

Helps meeting the control clauses required by ISO 27001, PCI, SOX, COBIT and similar security standards and procedures.

Quick Response In Forensic Investigations

It is important for protecting your corporate identity to respond to a request from the prosecutor’s office or relevant authorities because of an incident on your organization’s computers is related to a recent forensic investigation.

Proactive Response

Security breaches do not occur instantly. Such events can be detected in advance by analyzing the events that occurred before the incident occurs. For instance, before an employee quits the job, backs up, compresses, copies his/her files to cloud or USB storage devices. With Infraksope, you can detect such incidents in advance.

Protection of Your Commercial Values

To detect beforehand the sharing of sensitive information, patient records, employee personal information, customer documents and records, information and documents of commercial importance with other organizations and persons and/or to develop the methods required to take protective measures against such incidents.

Infraskope Server is a record management and warning (SIEM) product that allows you to centrally collect logs created by laptops, desktops, servers (Windows, Unix, Linux, etc.), network devices, application servers, firewalls and all other systems in your organization and receive real-time warnings from these records.
Infraskope is designed to meet different needs. You can respond to almost all scenarios with collectors that can operate with or without agent.
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