All in One Evidence Collector for
Incident Response_

Incident Response is a difficult and costly job for IR teams but with IREC, it is as easy as a single click of a mouse. All in one evidence collector IREC, just in the blink of an eye, automatizes collecting critical data from a live system.
IREC reduces incident response time to minutes and increases it’s effectiveness by presenting all necessary clues. In addition, it also meets cyber security and computer forensics needs by collecting and protecting evidence.
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Fast and Convenient

IREC which collects all critical data automatically with a single click, increases, incident response capabilities and gives you fastest incident response service ever.

Easy & User Friendly

Incident response has never been that easy before. All you need to do is to run IREC without any need for any additional setup and read the HTML report created for you with a single click.

All in One & Capable

IREC collects evidences and satisfy cyber security and computer forensics needs by protecting them.

Tonnes of Evidence

IREC maximizes incident response capabilities by automatically collecting all critical data and provides fastest incident response service ever.

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